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Progress Report #1

Posted in Weigh-in with tags , , , , , on May 20, 2009 by uziel5000

OK, let’s go back a moment to the pictures I took at my heaviest. Not my favorite thing in the world but then again the whole point of this blog is hold myself accountable so here it is again: Me at 319 pounds.

Before Pictures copy

Alright, now let’s look at the most recent set of pictures. This was taken on 5/15/09. 4 months after starting the eating plan and 30 days after starting the full-on exercise plan.

30 Day Frank copy

Some differences REALLY pop up by just looking at the two sets but first lets look at the numbers. On my last weigh-in, the scale read 275lbs. That is 44lbs. less than my heaviest weight of 319 and 33 less than my starting weight of 308. Also, my measurements went down. My chest is 50″(down 1 from 51″), my arms are 16″(down 1′ from 17″),my legs are 27 1/2″(down 1 1/2 from 29″), my hips are 48″(down 3 from 51″), my waist is 47 1/2″(down 1 1/2″ from 49). So that is 8 total inches less. Not bad…

Looking at the pics, the things that really stand out for me are the bottom part of my face, my belly and my waist on the back view. On the original pics, these areas, more than looking fat, I look bloated. Swollen even. Like I had some disease. Also, the new pics confirm my long-standing suspicion that I, in fact, have a neck somewhere between my head and shoulders.

Not noticeable on the pics, are the effects of the weight loss and exercise. I am sleeping much better now and feel rested when I wake up even though I am waking up much earlier now to exercise. This has meant that I fall asleep much earlier as well, which has affected my TV-watching habits but I don’t mind at all. I have a lot more energy during the day as well. My performance in Tae Kwon Do classes has improved significantly. I don’t get tired as fast or run out of breath. In fact I can pretty much go through the whole class without much problem. My Turbo Jam workouts are also much better. A fact very noticable at the end of the workouts as I’m able to finish much stronger than before. All in all, improvements all around. However…

Things to consider…

Because of the amount of exercise I’m doing, I think I have to revise my daily calorie allowance. Not necessarily an increase or decrease but a revision on how I’m reaching that number(1,800 calories per day). There is no set amount perfect for everybody so I’m looking into calculating calorie allowance based on things like body fat percentage, weight, height and age. This should help me tighten up my diet to suit my needs more.  Also I’m considering spreading the calories a bit more by adding a meal, which helps keep your metabolism running in top form. Long term, I should also revise my workout. As I lose more weight and my body adapts, making changes in diet and exercise programs helps avoid plateaus, which are bound to come up so I need to have options ready.

So far, so good. I learned many things in my previous attempts to lose weight but one never stops learning and this time around I am learning plenty. Hopefuly I can apply those things and improve where it is needed as I go since there is not going to be a next time. Next full report in 30 days. In the meantime, keep a lookout for articles on the importance of peer support, some things I have found out and some cool websites I have discovered along the way.