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Adjusting Goals to Deal With Life

Posted in General Information, Words of Wisdom on April 15, 2010 by uziel5000

In case you didn’t know, having a baby changes your life.

Having two however, pretty much flips everything upside down. Add to that these tough economic times and you start to wonder whether you  having children in the first place was a good idea. (The answer, at least for me, is yes)  I knew that adjustments had to be made. I just didn’t know how big those changes where going to be.


Our daughters are small. The oldest is two years old. Our newest bundle of joy is barely two months old. So that means milk AND formula, two different sizes of diapers, clothes, seats, strollers… you know how it goes. This has put serious stress on our finances, which is normal and expected. It’s my fitness goals and how I want to achieve them that have taken an unexpected hit. Here is how I am dealing with them.

Apart from the extra stuff we have to buy day in and day out, the one thing that really has affected our bottom line is day care. Our daughter has been with her mother since she was born. She has a part-time job working for my father putting all the paperwork and finances of his business in order and up to date. Since his “office” is a room in his house, my wife simply goes from our house to my parents house, does what she has to do for four hours and comes back. My daughter simply tagged along and played in the yard while mom worked. Now it’s complicated. She simply cannot watch over two kids and work at the same time so day care it is! Expensive is what it is.

On the fitness front, it meant giving up some things. After working out at home for quite a while, I was toying with the idea of joining a gym. More and better equipment and more people to motivate you were the main reasons I had in mind. Well, it’s not gonna happen for the time being. What really bothers me though, is having to give up Tae Kwon Do. I simply cannot afford it at this time. Earning a Black Belt is one of my goals but I guess I’m just going to have to postpone it for a bit. Not all of  it is doom and gloom though. Life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

After tackling two different types of workout videos at home (which have worked very well for me) I am “upgrading” to P90X. If you havent seen the infomercial, this is a pretty intense program and I’m expecting it to be pretty much the most challenging thing I have done so far. So I’m pretty excited. No martial arts? No gym? No problem and most certainly no quitting. I will talk about how I do with this new challenge very soon.