We, stumble. We struggle. We get back up again. (and again…)

Have I told you that changing your life is hard? Well, it is.

2009 had some really interesting ups and downs. After 6 months of losing weight, eating right and exercising regularly, came 6 months that quite frankly were a little weird at best, frustrating at worst. For a moment there, life seemed to be conspiring against me and my efforts to lose weight. I injured my back, had therapy, then rehab (my back still bothers me from time to time but to solve the problem I have to lose weight), all the while doing my best to keep my nutrition strict since I could not exercise. Then, my wife got pregnant.

I never thought such good news would get me into so much trouble.

You see, the first three months were fine and pretty normal. This is our second child so we knew what was coming. What I forgot was that the last time she was pregnant I wasn’t trying to lose weight. Here is where the problem starts. My wife is a picky eater by nature but when she got pregnant it got downright annoying. She simply can’t stand my food. As in my cooking. Doesn’t matter what I put in front of her, if I made it, it made her nauseous. She doesn’t cook so I’m left with asking her “Well what do you want?” A question always seemed to be answered with some type of take-out food.

You probably know how this is going to end. You figure: why cook only for me if I have to go out anyway? So you go and buy for both and you try to get something “healthy” for you but after a while that picture of the cheeseburger in the drive-through window starts calling your name…

Quite simply, there is no way to maintain a healthy nutritional program and eat take out food every day. Several months of this and I was almost completely back to my old habits. thankfully, two things happened stopped my downward spiral. First, the months I spent changing my habits really saved me from going totally into the dark side. Even when I was eating complete junk, I noticed I was practicing portion control and trying to make the best choices under the circumstances. I barely drank any soda when a year ago I would drink two and even three of those. Secondly, in February of this year my wife gave birth to another baby girl. The end result? I gained a few pounds but through it all I was able to maintain my weight somewhat. I survived.

So now I’m back to cooking which means I’m back to eating right and having 6 small meals a day. Changes in my lifestyle (two small kids!) means I have to modify my goals a little bit but I’m back exercising hard, eating right and working on a supplement program to help me out. I’m a happy man.

Next time I will talk about those goal changes (some forced, some renewed) and the adjustments I’ve had to make with the new addition to our family.


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